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Enterprise Resource Planning


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business process management software that automates many back-office functions related to technology, human resources, services, finance and uses a system of integrated applications to manage the business.

What can ERP do?

Many SMEs run their day-to-day operations using numerous platforms and processes. They are not aware that ERP systems can give them an efficient way to manage their costs, service and production. ERP could make a significant difference to their efficiency and productivity.

It can streamline the workflow of internal business processes and make communication between departments and teams straightforward.

Automated reports generated by ERP can give companies a clear picture of its real-time operations.

Who uses ERP?

Be it small, medium or large, businesses of any size, type and industry can use ERP as it can be tailored to suit each one’s requirements. All business processes are carried out within a single system and it can be used by every employee.

What problem areas does ERP solve?

Five key pain points or problem areas which ERP system can solve are:


Difficulties in keeping track of your inventory, stock levels, and product returns across multiple sites

If you are in the manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution sectors, as your business grows the amount of transactions being processed increases. Then it will be almost impossible to see the big picture of your business assets if there are numerous systems managing different stock reserves.

With an ERP solution you will have the ability to view everything at the click of a mouse in one simple interface
minimizing waste and boosting your turnover.


Not having access to information 24/7

Flexibility and accessibility are the cornerstones of today’s modern working world. If you have traditional business management tools you are restricting the operations of your company to one place.

If your business consists of multiple divisions or departments, numerous teams and projects, and sometimes multiple sites, you would need access to the information on the go.

With the omnipresent cloud connectivity of an ERP solution your workforce will have access to information they need from anywhere and on any connected device, giving them greater working freedom and flexibility.


Aging business management system incapable to meet your business
growth needs

If you are using the traditional and aging business management tools, chances are that as your business grows your current system will not be capable to handle the increased work load.

ERP being a cloud-based business management tool it is infinitely scalable. There are no limits to the resources you can store giving you the confidence that you will have a system that will grow with your business.


Wasting valuable time in finding relevant data

How much time will it take to find the data you need to perform one simple task in your business? Are you wasting valuable time in reproducing data for different departments in various formats?

With an ERP you can centralize the information so that communication among departments, divisions or teams is straightforward. Instead of updating numerous platforms you can manage from a single ERP interface.


Difficulties in generating insightful reporting for better decision making

To take the best decisions for future growth and development you need effective reporting which enables you to analyze and evaluate your current scenario.

With an ERP system you get comprehensive reporting functionality which will help you to forecast and plan for your future developments.

How can ERP software improve your business?

The key benefits which ERP system offers are:

  • Ability to take better informed decisions with greater chances of accuracy.
  • Increased productivity as ERP system allows quicker processing of orders, faster product movement, more rapid invoicing of customers.
  • Improved efficiency leads to reduced costs which in turn helps to maximize profitability.

How can we help?

Cork Information Technology, in partnership with Epicor, provides well-designed ERP software solutions that are tailor-made for the needs of following sectors:

We provide licensing and consulting for

  • Epicor 10, iScala, HCM, Payroll, Document Management and Asset Management

Epicor solutions are available in

  • Cloud, hosted, or on-premises versions.









Projects and Contracting


Construction and Engineering




Why Epicor?

Epicor Software Corporation, global business software company based in Austin, Texas provides industry-specific business software designed around the needs of manufacturing, distribution, and services organizations.

The features of Epicor solutions are as below:

  • Industry-specific, vertically focused, and highly intuitive.
  • Provide end-to-end functionality for better business management.
  • Offer flexible deployment – on premises, hosted, or in the cloud/SAS.
  • Grant support for virtual enterprise, be it multi-site, multi-plant, multi-company.
  • Can be personalized, including social ERP, by user for effective collaboration.
  • Include industry-leading 100% SOA based on Microsoft.NET.
  • Provide integral business insights for stronger business performance.
  • Quick return on investment.
  • Global footprint with low total cost of ownership.
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