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Digital Security


With the digital landscape rapidly transforming, security has also evolved at a similar pace making it imperative for us to have Digital Security. A trusted digital identity gives the digital security and trust we need to have in any exchange of data between a user and another user through a network or cloud.

How can we help?

Cork Information Technology partners with eMudhra (India), to bring their expertise in Digital Security, Authentication and Analytics to Middle East & Africa with focus on smart cities, IoT, Blockchain. eMudhra is Webtrust accredited and issues over 30 million digital certificates yearly (5x the global volume of SSL’s issued)

eMudhra’s solutions and services are used by large enterprises globally for:

What do we offer?

Our solutions provide enterprises the ability to drive revenue growth using Big Data Analytics while reducing cost using digital transaction management. eMudhra’s IP are proprietary and developed at their in-house R&D center.

Identity and Transaction

  1. Issuance of end user digital certificates, SSL’s under our Global Root.
  2. Identity, access and user authentication solution with 15 modes of authentication.
  3. Private certifying authority setup on cloud or on premise.
  4. Host to host encryption.
  5. Blockchain implementation.

Paperless OfficeSolution

  1. Secure workflows with digital signatures.
  2. Department specific workflows – human resources, legal, finance, customer onboarding, lendingetc.
  3. Integrated with ERP products including SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle Business Suite.
  4. Marquee customers such as Infosys,Amazon, Fidelity.

IT Consulting and Outsourcing

  1. Fraud mitigation and incident management.
  2. Comprehensive security audits including vulnerability,penetration assessments andethical hacking.
  3. Consulting and implementation on Tier III/IV data center setups, network architecture, firewall setup.

eMudhra Solutions

  • emAS IAM – Identity and Access Management.
  • emAS MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication Engine.
  • emBlock – Enterprise Level Blockchain Platform.
  • emCA Appliance – Enterprise PKI Solution.
  • emCA Suite – Public Certifying Authority.
  • emSafe – Sophisticated Encryption Engine.
  • emSecure – Secure IoT Network.
  • emSigner – Suite of Paperless Solutions.
  • emSigner Appliance – Plug-and-Play Deployment Appliance.
  • emStream – Analytics Stack.

Which industries use digital security?



Use of e-ID and digital signatures to make government to citizen interactions paperless.

Cases where it is used include birth and other certificates,
e-Voting, e-Stamping, employment, transport, public distribution system, smart cities etc.,


Banking / NBFC

Enhancing cyber security framework through deployment of security platforms.

Digital transformation and going paperless for retail/corporate customer interaction.

Behavioral analytics for
risk/fraud management


Capital Markets

Paperless customer onboarding using digital signatures for Trading, Demat operations.

Automation of institutional client interaction using digital signatures.



Enterprise paperless office for HR, Finance, Legal and other Workflows.

Enterprise risk authentication through behavioral analytics.

Social media/email monitoring and predictive insights.

Why eMudhra?

Quality Assurance

eMudhra has a strong focus on ensuring quality and has the following certifications/accreditations:

  • Global Trust Service Provider – Webtrust Accreditation
  • Product Security – EAL 4+ Common Criteria, Protection Profile 1.5 (in progress)
  • Software Development Process – CMMI Certified by Software Engineering Institute, USA
  • Information Security – ISO 27001
  • Information Services – ISO 20000-1
  • Quality – ISO 9001

Global Partnerships

  • Expert Member of UN/CEFACT working group on Blockchain
  • Vice Chair of Asia PKI consortium driving APAC security standards for cross border trade
  • Key Partner for Digital India driving eSign, Digital Locker ecosystem
  • Member of FIDO alliance for password-less authentication
  • Technology for retina based authentication and signing using India’s National ID
  • Performance Testing of Intel’s processors on our Analytics platform to ensure capacity and stability

eMudhra is ideally positioned to offer security and analytics consulting and resources at competitive costs

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